Vinylon filter cloth by laser cutting for precision

Vinylon filter cloth fabricated by staple yarns is especially suitable for strong alkali applications such as ceramic, chemical industry and metallurgy.

Polypropylene filter cloth available for frame and filter plate for solid-liquid separation

Polypropylene filter cloth is often found in filter press for its excellent cake release, lightest weight, good resistances against alkali and acid.

Polyester filter cloth in plain weave

Polyester filter cloth is popular among filtration for its strongest acid resistance, excellent abrasion-proof, water and air permeability and cake release.

Nylon filter cloth embedded in recessed filter plate

Nylon filter cloth is a preferred choice for wet or dry filtration for its optimum abrasion resistance, high tensile strength and compatibility with alkali.

Cotton filter cloth in different woven patterns

Cotton filter cloth is widely used in neutral solutions at low temperature for it will swell in alkali environment and shrink at high temperature.