Polypropylene Felt Filter Cloth For Medium To Large Particle Filtration

Polypropylene felt filter cloth is a kind of non-woven fabric which has no warp and filling lines and easy to tailor and sew. It is endowed with the profits of woven polypropylene cloth such as excellent resistance to chemicals, acid and alkali solutions and elevated temperature as well as great dimensional stability. Calendered surface contributes to cake release and shorten filter cycle. Its normal working temperature is up to 190 °F. In addition, polypropylene cloth can be reused and will not produce second pollution to the environment.

Polypropylene felt cloth with glazed surface

Polypropylene felt cloth in 6 meters width

Polypropylene felt cloth used in coal washery for waste water treatment

Polypropylene felt cloth used to separate fine coal particles and water

Polypropylene felt filter cloths are treated by different finishes including plain, singed and glazed, all of which are especially designed for special filtration purposes. To further improve its sealing property, a latex border can be used to the custom cloths. It is also used as duct collection in dust-removing equipment.

What is the advantage of felt filter cloth?

  • Smooth surface, uniform micropore distribution and good cake release.
  • Filtration precision reach 2 micron.
  • Widest breadth is 6 meters.
  • Friendly to environment for its excellent hydrolysis property.

Where is polypropylene felt filter cloth used?

  • Coal washery.
  • Steel making factory.
  • Ceramic.
  • Printing and dying.
Polypropylene Felt Filter
Item Porosity Finish Purpose
PPF100 15 -20 CFM Glazed-One Side Medium-Large Particle Filtration
PPF101 5 - 10 CFM Glazed-Both Sides Medium Particle Filtration
PPF102 1 -3 CFM Glazed-Both Sides Fine Particle Filtration

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