PE Filter Fabric Tops Priority Among Synthetic Fabric Cloths

Polyester filter cloth in plain weave

Polyester filter cloth made of staple yarns for fine particle filtration

Polyester filter fabric gasket in a frame and filter plate

Polyester filter fabric with precise centering feed position

As an important factor of filter press, polyester filter cloth has been widely accepted by an increasing number of manufacturers and users of filter press for its strongest acid-resistance and excellent resistance against elevated temperature up to 302 °F. Surface finishes can be singed, calendered and heat set, each of which has its special property and purpose.

Why do you choose polyester filter cloth?

Excellent combination properties such as sleekness, high tensile strength, wear resistance and permeability, empower it to be an effective and popular filtration media. Various types of polyester yarns are provided to satisfy particular applications. For example, multifilament filter cloth not only strengthens its tensile strength but also ensures good cake release. Different woven patterns including plain, stain and twill, are designed with special purposes.

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What are the advantages of polyester filter cloth?

  • High performance resistance against most organic acids except high concentrations of nitric, sulfuric and carbolic acids.
  • High tensile strength.
  • Elongation: 20% - 50%.
  • High operating temperature: up to 302 °F.
  • Excellent abrasive resistance.
  • Good resistance to weak most oxidizing agents.
  • Good filter cake release.
  • Long life span.

Where is polyester cloth used?

  • Chemical plant.
  • Fertilizer plant.
  • Pharmaceutical.
  • Sugar.
  • Separation of oil and water.
  • Food and beverage.


  • Not available for strong alkalis at high temperature.
  • Not suitable for some phenolic compounds.
  • Not suitable for sticking solids filtration.
Polyester Filter
Item Porosity Weave Yarn Purpose
MUPE100 0.5-1.0 CFM Plain Multifilament Fine Particle
SPE101 3.5 CFM Plain Staple Fine Particle
MUPE102 5 CFM Stain Multifilament Fine Particle
MUPE103 20 CFM Twill Multifilament Fine Particle
MUPE104 30 - 40 CFM Twill Multifilament Fine Particle

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