Cotton Filter Cloth Produce No Pollution To Filtration

Cotton filter cloth will swell in alkali solutions to create a better gasket effect during filtration. Ordinary cotton cloths are suitable for neutral filter pulp under 212 °F, for acid filtration up to 68 °F and alkali solution under 50°F.

Cotton filter cloth in different woven patterns

Cotton filter cloth usually applied in neutral solution

A sheet of white cotton filter cloth.

Cotton filter cloth sheet.

Two piece of cotton filter cloth with four holes.

Cotton filter cloth.

A white cotton filter cloth bag.

Filter bag.

With the development of synthetic fabrics like polyester, cotton filter cloths are decreasing for weak resistance against mildew and instability of dimensions. However, cotton filter cloth produces no pollutions and poisoned substances to the filtration.

Remark: All cotton styles available pre-shrunk or unfinished.

Cotton filter cloth details:

  • Custom dimensions are available.
  • Weave patterns: plain and twill.
Cotton Filter Cloth
Item Porosity Weave
CNFC100 1-2 CFM Plain
CNFC101 3-4 CFM Plain
CNFC102 5-10 CFM Plain
CNFC103 11-14 CFM Plain
CNFC104 15-20 CFM Plain
CNFC105 5-10 CFM Twill
CNFC106 11-14 CFM Twill
CNFC107 15-20 CFM Twill

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