About Us

Hebei Leiman Filter Material Co., Ltd. was first founded in the year of 2000, a filter cloth manufacturer specializing in development, design, production, test and after-sales service. All our engineers have done all-around investigation with filter pressure manufacturers and users to better understand the requirements. Our company is a trusted and reliable enterprise for its professional team is always walking with the time and aiming at customers' special purposes.

Filter cloths, essential parts of filtration, bring efficiency and economical cost to wide range of industries including polyester, polypropylene, vinylon and nylon. For different purposes, you should choose an appropriate fabric.

Filter cloths are often found in various filter presses which are now popular devices for solid separation. Waste water treatment has been a headache to many enterprises. Due to filter press equipped with Leiman Filter Cloth, the filtration and cake dryness have improved significantly.

All filter cloths offered are certified, implying their high quality and strict compliance with established standards and regulations. All our employees have been working hard to manufacture first-class products.

Nowadays we have cooperated with many famous companies not only in China but also in foreign countries. We hope that Leiman filter cloth makes your filtration far clear than before.

We are a professional filter cloth manufacturer with advanced technical equipment and high-tech filtering experts.